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 Zhongshan Foodstuffs Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. of Guangdong,was founded in 1955 and successfully reformed in 2000. It is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, the hometown of Mr.Sun Yat-sen. China National Foodstuffs Export Corp Shiqi Branch, which initially supplied fresh goods to Hong Kong and Macao by purchasing and exporting, has developed into a new group engaged in science and technology, industry, trade and agriculture, that coexisting domestic and foreign sales networks.

  For more than 60 years, adhering to the enterprise spirit of “patriotism, dedication, integrity and go-aheadism”, the company developed an international path of independent brand, marketing network, scientific and technological innovation, quality certification base, professional team and product quality control. It has formed four main business sectors: fresh commodity production, import and export trade, domestic fresh sales and industrial manufacturing. The company owns: a fresh goods production base composed of Zhongshan Baishi Pig Farms Co., Ltd, Zhongshan Shiqi pigeon Farm Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Baishi Chicken Farm Co., Ltd., Zhongshan shichukaixin farm, Lingnan fruit farm; an domestic fresh food sales business composed of?Zhongshan Shichu Xianfeng Food Co., Ltd's product sales and service portfolio of chain stores, supermarkets and agricultural products distribution business; 
represented by ZhongShan Guangying Pet Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is industrial manufacture; and Zhongshan Yuechang warehousing Co., Ltd. and other warehousing services.
  The company has been committed to improving quality, in strict accordance with the export requirements of quality control standards to provide customers with the best quality products. After years of brand building, it now owns many famous trademarks and brands, including Zhongqiao, Shiqi, Baishi Longjun, Baishi Xianfeng, Shiqi pigeon,Xiangshan Huafeng, Happy Farm, Shi Chu Xian Feng , RIYING ,OSDAN, and Zhongying ZN. There are more than 70 valid registered trademarks and more than 90 practical patents. The products, once mainly supplied to Hong Kong and Macao, are now available in 30 more countries and regions including Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan, and well received by the local customers. The company annual import and export volume achieves US$ 200 million, and the business income is about 2 billion yuan.
  In food products, the company always adheres to the principle of “Food Safety, Products and Quality First” and the tenet of “User Foremost”, devotes to deep processing, finishing, environmental protection and ecological management, and constantly consolidates and expands the export advantages of main food products. Currently, the company’s ZHONGQIAO brand industrial food has formed more than ten series of products, including soy sauce, rice wine, seasoning, noodles, indica rice noodles, dried beancurd sticks, cakes, yellow rock sugar, borneol sugar, candy, jelly, egg products, and preserved meat products. The company’s customers are spread in over 40 countries and regions around the world.
  Standing at a new starting point, Shichu company will continue to stick to its original intention and mission, spare no effort to focus on product quality, pursue social responsibility beyond profit, continue to provide customers with the best products and the best service, and strive to create a centennial enterprise of Shichu!